Traceability Projects

Some of the Core Traceability Projects We Made


labelCert™ project was launched in 2014, initially applied in the Textile industry, and later ported as application in other industries.

The customer's mobile application can be used by manufacturers to display certified product information, marketing information and to provide story-telling text and media.

labelCert™ Food

Following the original project developed for the fashion industry, during 2017 labelCert™ platform was extended to the AgriFood industries.

The food extension allows:

  • for the MANUFACTURERS: to include their products, with basic information and nutritional values, in a supervised supply chain. All the included products must be analyzed and approved by authorized Food Labs
  • for the CRAFTSMEN/RETAIL: to use safe and controlled products for the products they sell, to promote their products through the consumer mobile application and to generate and print the nutritional labels with the mandatory and optional information
  • for the CUSTOMER: using the labelCert™ Food app, to scan/tap the products receiving all the nutritional information, information regarding the allergenes, to filter products depending on preferences

The official mobile application can be used to display information about the approved goods.