Market Transparency

labelCert™ was conceived in Italy in 2013 in order to grant, by intervention of public organizations, transparency in the Textile and Clothing markets.

With labelCert™ manufacturers declare their Supply Chain and provide information regarding their products in a trasparent and clear way.
Customers receive honest information about the goods they are consuming.
Multiple certification schemas available for manufacturers (TFashion, TCBL, ...)

Manufacturers can use labelCert™ to market and promote their company and their products.

The management platform allows manufacturers to input additional marketing information or to "story tell" their vision, information that will be displayed in the mobile application and available to customers.


Successfully Applied to Textile, Clothing, Footwear & Eyewear Industries

labelCert™ was initially tested, as pilot project, during 2014, within the Textile industry.

Unionfiliere, with the TFashion brand, was identified as the reference Italian nation wide certification organization.

Since then labelCert™ evolved and was applied in other industries, like Footwear and Eyewear.

Additionally, a logistics management software connected to the traceability and certification system was developed and integrated.


The Food Supply Chain

labelCert™ Food for the AgriFood Supply Chain Traceability and Control.

As an extension to the original project, and in order to enhance consumer's rights, labelCert™ Food was created to provide traceability and transparency within the AgriFood markets.

The focus of the platform is on the CUSTOMER.
A mobile application provides information regarding the products, with the possibility to highlights and filter the ones with specific allergens.

The management platform allows manufacturers and crafstmen to generate and print (automatically) the nutritional labels to be applied to goods packaging.


Traceability, Marketing, Warranty, Protection

Following some services supplied to manufacturers and customers

Products Traceability

Consultancy services, design and development of traceability systems for manufacturing .


Consultancy services, design and development of logistics systems and software.

Process Automation

Consultancy services, design and development of software systems for the Smart Factory