A Vision, A Project

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses (Henry Ford)


How It Started

labelCert™ project was conceived in 2013 experimenting NFC featured Tags applied to consumer goods and a self-developed traceability software.

The project reached the production stage only in 2014, once the Italian Veneto Regional Government decided,for public interest, and according to "DGR del Veneto n. 2583 del 23 dicembre 2014", to authorize and fund the publication of labelCert™ platform.

labelCert™ (also named "Etichetta parlante") was created with the aim of customer protection and to supply transparency by mean of product traceability and certified information, going against all the self-referential (and usually fake) market initiatives, providing institutial and public reference and reliability.

The Present and the Future of labelCert™

Since the pilot phase several organizations and manufacturers have decided to participate and to contribute to the labelCert™ initiative. Initially, the participants were mainly Italian.

During 2019 labelCert™ team completed the integration of the platform with the TCBL network, so granting access to a European wide audience.

labelCert™ will continue to evolve and to grow. Stay tuned.